Industry: Banking

Subject: A Midwest regional bank that was seeking a solution to its capital crisis.

Circumstance: This bank was under increased scrutiny by its regulatory body and approached Summit for a solution. Summit’s experienced professionals responded quickly to the client’s needs, evaluating the bank’s entire troubled loan portfolio and providing feedback on which asset classes’ disposition would be most helpful in the bank’s restructuring. Summit then provided pricing on certain requested asset classes on a loan-by-loan basis.

Solution: The bank needed to reduce its overall level of criticized assets, but due to the sensitive nature of its capital position, was unable to hold a public loan sale. After identifying a pool of assets that would quickly provide the liquidity the bank needed, Summit purchased a $20 million pool of 13 relationships that included performing assets, non-performing assets, real estate owned assets and fully charged off credits.

Outcome: As a result of Summit’s experience and ability to provide a capital solution across many of the bank’s asset classes, subsequent to this transaction, the bank asked Summit to review another selection of assets it wanted to dispose of in the following quarter.